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Sergio was born in Santa Ana California and moved to Charleston with his parents when he was about 7 years old. He was a very bright young man and always did well in school. If he was not doing his schoolwork, you could find him at soccer practice, greeting you and waiting on you at his family's restaurant, training in the gym, or on the football field. He was full of life and had an infectious smile that warmed anyone's heart! He loved his parents, his dogs, his family, and his friends. He always stayed true to his Mexican heritage and never hesitated to speak about how proud he was to be American. He was very respectful and set the example for others to be the same. 

On the morning of January 7th, 2018, Carmen and  Juan's son, Sergio Gonzalez passed away unexpectedly. 2 weeks later he would have celebrated his 16th birthday. One of Sergio's dreams was to help other kids live out their dreams of playing sports. He was a HUGE fan of soccer and American football, as he played both at his local high school. This foundation was made by his parents in honor of him and his dream. All proceeds and donations go to the foundation to help fund scholarships, sports fees, uniforms, transportation, among other things, to help underprivileged children dream big and live big , just like Sergio did!  He is deeply missed by all of his family in Mexico, California, South Carolina, his friends, his classmates, teachers, and clients of their family restaurant. He will never be forgotten and we should all strive to be as positive, loving, and dream big just like him! #Sergio19 forever in our hearts!

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P.O. Box 62036 North Charleston, SC 29419


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